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Francis-King Nnamani is a 25 year old full-time entrepreneur. Holding a background in Digital Marketing & Corporate Communications from Baruch College. Francis-King has immersed himself within the film/photo, fitness, and startup culture in New York City & Los Angeles. Francis-King holds multiple titles because he believes versatility is a valuable asset in an extremely competitive environment.

He immigrated from Nigeria to the United States in August of 2000. His strong Igbo tribe cultural background has led to his attention to detail skill set and discipline. He believes in teamwork and group innovation. Francis-King has developed detailed social marketing plans for Baruch College’s Investment Management Group. In addition to brand management and visual/written content creation for his diverse clientele.

Furthermore, his experience in leadership roles on Varsity and College sports teams have helped him mold proficient interpersonal skills. Francis-King has interviewed well-known entrepreneurs in the New York City area for HuffPost and Thrive Global. Such as photographer Natalie Amrossi, who is more commonly known as “Misshattan” and Tom Jauncey, co-founder of Beautiful Destinations. Which is the award winning creative agency behind the largest travel and lifestyle community on social media. Surpassing a following of 20 Million people in 180 countries.


In addition to being a writer, Francis-King is an actor, director, and fitness enthusiast. Yes, we know

1) "Why do you voluntarily choose to take on so much?"

2) "Why don't you focus on only one skill?"

Francis-King has placed himself into multiple industries and is ready to take on any challenge with his tenacious work ethic. As a first generation immigrant, Francis-King believes the “American Dream” is only attainable if one possesses the drive


Watch my podcast show to learn more about me, The Underdogs

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